Civic Society and Copyright 22 Oct 2014

Finland has offered us all a notable example of civic society engagement in IP legislation. Allegedly drawing from a police raid in December 2012 in the home of a nine-year-old girl who had illegally downloaded music on to her computer,  in December 2012, an initiative for copyright reform was launched. The intended reforms pertain to exceptions for private use in the digital environment. The proposal gathered the 50.000 signatures required under the Finnish Constitution to render it eligible for legislative consideration by the Finnish Parliament, which is expected to vote on it soon.


Regardless of the substance of the proposed reform, and whether one agrees with it or not, it is clear that copyright protection motivates people in Finland and, one should hope, in other parts of this world too. In our mind, this is the best way to get citizens to understand the scope and purpose of protective measures for creative work and, even, have legislators rethink their options.