Assignment The assignment of IPRs in Greece should be in writing and, in the case of registrable IPRs, recorded with the competent IPR office, otherwise they remain un-opposable to third parties.

Licensing The licensing of IPRs (including applications) requires a written agreement.

For trademarks, such license agreement should be recorded with the Greek TM Registry.

For patents, utility models and industrial design license, the recordal of licenses is only of probative nature.

Non-contractual patent licenses may be granted, under certain circumstances, without prior consent of the patentee, for non-exploited patents, following third-party application.

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CJEU rules on Coty v Amazon (C-567/18)

and holds that the mere storage by Amazon, in the context of its online marketplace (‘AmazonMarketplace’), of goods which infringe trademark rights does not constitute an infringement by Amazon of those trademark rights.

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