One can only benefit from creative minds and our focus on intellectual property stems also from this principle. We find joy in advising clients operating across the creative spectrum: communication and product design, advertising, marketing, media, information technology, internet, fashion, film and the fine arts.

Case Study 1 Firm believers of design thinking and multi-disciplinary co-operations, we assist Greek award-winning design consultancies with early clearance searches of business identity and branding work. Our work extends to advertising review and clearance, and even regulatory packaging issues, so that the proposal that finally reaches their client is IP water-tight.

Case Study 2 We assisted a major luxury fashion & perfume brand owner in shielding and localizing their distribution relationship in Greece, placing particular emphasis in IP rights management and protection.

Case Study 3 We advised an Italian baby goods producer company with a global network on the legal options available to protect their unregistered design rights / trade dress in and to its well known baby carriages. A successful warning letter campaign against infringers in Northern Greece was designed and implemented.

Case Study 4 We acted for the client, a foreign co-operative super market chain, in a complex dispute involving the repercussions of a trademark assignment in Greece to a cooperative vehicle, the legal successors of which capitalized on the repute of the Italian brand and sought to associate themselves with it.

Mobile phone data charges create institutional antagonism in Greece
A heated debate on competence to safeguard competition in the industry
CJEU rules on Coty v Amazon (C-567/18)

and holds that the mere storage by Amazon, in the context of its online marketplace (‘AmazonMarketplace’), of goods which infringe trademark rights does not constitute an infringement by Amazon of those trademark rights.

The German Federal Constitutional Court halts the UPC

The German Federal Constitutional Court published its long awaited decision on the 2017 constitutional complaint against the German Act of Approval to the UPCA