Government / public

The practice has been heavily involved in various government/public contract projects, with a particular focus on intellectual property/information technology related tenders and contracts.

Our work in the field ranges from assisting public bodies in the architecture and implementation of tenders to navigating tenderers through the sometimes complex terrain of public tender procedures.

Case Study 1 Nikos Prentoulis was called upon to provide expert legal advice and assistance to the key Greek State body responsible for public procurement, a well as the operations of the Greek TM Office. Nikos Prentoulis assisted with day-to-day operations in these two fields.

Case Study 2 The practice assisted a, newly set up at the time, Independent Public Authority entrusted with higher education quality assurance. We literally took the Authority ‘by the hand, designing and assisting the in the successful implementation of their internal statue and public procurement projects relating to their operational infrastructure, ranging from facilities rental to all sorts of goods & services procurement.

Mobile phone data charges create institutional antagonism in Greece
A heated debate on competence to safeguard competition in the industry
CJEU rules on Coty v Amazon (C-567/18)

and holds that the mere storage by Amazon, in the context of its online marketplace (‘AmazonMarketplace’), of goods which infringe trademark rights does not constitute an infringement by Amazon of those trademark rights.

The German Federal Constitutional Court halts the UPC

The German Federal Constitutional Court published its long awaited decision on the 2017 constitutional complaint against the German Act of Approval to the UPCA