PRENTOULIS GERAKINI – Business Continuity Plan 18 Mar 2020

On behalf of the team at PRENTOULIS GERAKINI, our thoughts go out to those affected by COVID-19. We do hope the situation improves as quickly as possible and look forward to brighter times.

Because of the pace of developments, and to safeguard the health of our staff, families and the community, we have already put in motion our business continuity plan.

We are all working remotely, with full and secure access to our internal systems and files. We are reachable via our telephone center, mobile phones, e-mails and available for teleconferences and virtual meetings. Remote operations are not new to us; we have been using remote working for quite some time and are, therefore, able to maintain the same high level of services our clients are accustomed to.

Do turn to us for any questions or concerns.