Contributions & Country Chapters

•Ασθενή σήματα: Μιά κακή ιδέα; all pack Hellas, April 2015 (N. Prentoulis)

•Απεικονίσεις κατά λέξεων: Η νομική πτυχή μιάς παλιάς διαμάxης της συσκευασίας, all pack Hellas, October 2014 (N. Prentoulis)

•Balancing tool or escape clause? Proportionality in temporary relief proceedings before the Greek courts, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice – August 2014 (N. Prentoulis), also available at the journal's blog

•The Hellenic Trademark set to boost Greek growth, SMD Country Index, 15 April 2014 (N. Prentoulis)

•Ποιός είπε ότι οι παραγωγοί αγροτικών προϊόντων δεν χρειάζονται σήμα; all pack Hellas, April 2014 (N. Prentoulis)

•Time for the Trademarks Administrative Committee to take a stand over dilution, World Trademark Review, Issue 44, August/September 2013 (N. Prentoulis)

• Nike sells UMBRO… and perhaps asks us to revisit the boundaries of trade marks as origin indicators, ipfinance.blogspot, 18 December 2012 (N. Prentoulis)

• Greece’s new trademarks law: Was it worth the wait? World Trademark Review, Issue 38, August/September 2012 (N. Prentoulis)

• Will they taste different now? Pringles brand changes ownership, ipfinance.blogpspot, 22 February 2012   (N. Prentoulis)

• Issues of bad faith in a puzzling dispute decided by the Greek Council of State, World Intellectual Property Report, July 2010 (N. Prentoulis)

• (Mis-)Use of Patents in Open Source Software and Open Standards: An Evaluation of Tactics and Defences under Intellectual Property and Competition Law (N. Prentoulis / co-authored with Nikos Volanis – paper published 8 March 2010 at the patent litigation blog

• Freedom of political speech prevails over common law mark rights in a WIPO domain name decision inspired by US constitutional principles, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice – Vol. 4, N0. 11, November 2009 (N. Prentoulis)

• Kraft wins game, set (and match?) in the Milka v Milko ΔΕΛΤΑ trade mark battle with Greek DELTA”, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice – Vol. 4, N0. 10, October 2009 (N. Prentoulis)

• Intel(ligent) or not? Thoughts in the aftermath of the European Court of Justice’s judgment in Intel v CPM (C-252/07), European Current Law, 5, May 2009

• The Omega ruling: Trade mark co-existence agreements in the tension between “public” and “private” trade mark law, European Intellectual Property Review, Vol. 30, May 2008 (N. Prentoulis)

• Psychoanalysis and politics in Greek trade mark law: The case of famous trade marks, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, May 2008 (N. Prentoulis)

• Commentary to the judgment of the Court of First Instance of the European Communities in case T-215/2003, Commercial Law Review (Epitheorisi Emporikou Dikaiou), v. ΝΗ.’,issue 2,April – June 2007 (N. Prentoulis)

• Regular contributions to MARQUES Class46 blog on European trade mark law

Mobile phone data charges create institutional antagonism in Greece
A heated debate on competence to safeguard competition in the industry
CJEU rules on Coty v Amazon (C-567/18)

and holds that the mere storage by Amazon, in the context of its online marketplace (‘AmazonMarketplace’), of goods which infringe trademark rights does not constitute an infringement by Amazon of those trademark rights.

The German Federal Constitutional Court halts the UPC

The German Federal Constitutional Court published its long awaited decision on the 2017 constitutional complaint against the German Act of Approval to the UPCA