Search & rescue

Search – Prior to filing an application to register an IPR in Greece

Preliminary patents, trade marks and designs availability searches can be conducted online via the official web sites of the competent authorities(,,,, However, reliable IPR availability searches and conclusive risk assess- ment and advice call for the engagement of specialized IP attorneys.

Rescue – maintaining IPRs in Greece

Trade mark Trade marks remain in force for 10 years and their validity may be per- petually renewed for 10-year periods, upon accrual of renewal fees.

Non-use for a five-year period starting as from the registration date could result to its cancellation, following third-party application.

Additionally, trade mark owners should guard their mark from becoming a common denomination in the course of trade for a product or service in respect of which it is registered, or liable to mislead the public, particularly as to the nature, quality or geographical origin of the goods or services designated.